Exercise for the mind

Many of you know that I get up every weekday morning early to do 30 minutes of exercise before breakfast and getting on to work. Some people think I’m insane to do that every day, but I actually find that getting up and doing exercise gets the blood pumping around my system and focuses my mind for the day’s work. If I fail to get up and do that exercise I become sluggish, and I can never capture the same level of concentration I manage after exercise.

The exercise that I do is consistent with international recommendations for public health, and preventing the spread of disease. It’s also believed that daily exercise can reduce risk of early onset Alzheimer’s disease. But in order to really defend against dementia, it’s now also considered necessary for everyone to spend about 15 minutes a day giving your brain a workout. The crew over at the Brain Institute here in Queensland, claim that doing a crossword everyday stimulates the production of brain cells, and that this will reduce the risk of mental stagnation, which can leave the system vulnerable to dementia-style degeneration. In light of this research, Time Warner developed the new book, The Mind Gym, in order to provide some basic advice about how exercise the mind, and basically to cash in on the ‘news’ that exercising your mind and body is actually good for you.

While I don’t want to to take anything away from the advice offered by the book – it’s probably quite sound – I’m going to offer an alternative mind exercise:

Every day for the next 2 weeks I want all my readers to go out and read the news of the world, have a browse through some of the most linked titles in the blogdex and research a topic of interest for 15 minutes a day. Then you should write a short blog entry about any particular article, subject or rant of your choice. Two or three paragraphs will be fine, but that’s your minimum. The whole process including research and writing up should take around 30 minutes per day.

That’s it. Try it. And when you’ve finished the fortnight, let me know how you feel about the project. I want to see if people feel more energized and more “mentally fit” at the end of the fortnight.

And in other news, the article, Jeremy and I wrote a year ago is being published in a text book in India. Seems that the value of blogging is being recognised all over!

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