Far too long since posts

jj on CMAD webinarIt’s about time I produced a new list of recent posts in other quarters – those at least I’m allowed to share.

At the Salesforce blog – a business innovation heads-up on wearables: wherein I argue that enthusiasm for wearable technologies may not translate to value for small business.

On LinkedIn – Seriously Bad PR: wherein I fire a warning shot across the bow to PR agents who keep trying to control the message.

Also on LinkedIn – Spot a fake LinkedIn User: wherein I talk about how to stem the flow of fake LinkedIn requests for connection.

I also participated in a panel webinar on the subject of nurturing a community for Community Management Appreciation Day on 26 January this year.  Watch it here.

There have been a few other posts too, but I can’t share them all.  And there’s a handbook or two coming out soon on how to disrupt a business.  Stay tuned!

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