You know it’s always great to get good feedback. Thanks to all those who attended Saturday’s MBA Orientation session on IT issues, and for your kind comments on feedback forms. I was shown a summary of feedback by our Marketing crew at BGSB, and so many people listed the IT session as being one of the highlights of the weekend, it was absolutely humbling. Thanks – it’s great to feel that my sessions are useful to you all.

Thanks also to students in the Brisbane City Council class for always being such active participants in the program, and for exploring all the paths I take you down. It’s great to feel that the ideas are beginning to really take flight.

Finally thanks to all those who keep accessing this blog and participating in discussion. It’s one of the great boons of blogs that I receive feedback – good or bad – on posts. I do take comments on board, so feel free to be as critical or complimentary as you perceive to be appropriate.

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