Festivals and conferences

This year will be a busy year for conferences and festivals for me. As a blogger it seems I have managed to convince a few people of the benefits of sharing ideas and engaging with the community through a socratic system of discussion and reflection, and this has led me to participate in an advisory role for a wide of range of events. Beyond my involvement in largely academic conferences associated with communications research and practice, and with online education, I’ve been invited to present on a panel for the United Nations International Conference on Engaging Communities in August. We’ll be discussing new tools and mechanisms for engaging citizens in public debate, and we’ll be looking at the changing role of participation as a result of emergent technologies. I’ve also been invited to act as an Ideas Advisor for the Ideas Festival of 2005, taking place in October here in Brisbane. The last Ideas Festival was in 2003, and the Advisors for that Festival were luminaries in their field. It’s an honour to be asked to participate in such a forum, and I hope my work in blogging the Festival can help to raise awareness of the kinds of innovations and possibilities that can be realised through networking with all facets of business and research communities.

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