From the airport in Glasgow

Well I’m beginning my long journey home to Australia and I have to say I’m absolutely exhausted. This has been a fantastic tour to the UK and I have had the most wonderful time, and feel more and more committed to the prospect of living over here. There are so many exciting opportunities, so many wonderful people and places, I’m spoiled for options.

I spent the last couple of days cramming in as much sight-seeing and touring as possible, so I apologise if I have not got back to people who have contacted me but I must say there was something mind-blowing about clutching snow in my bare hands yesterday on Cairngorm Mountain, knowing it was 34° C back in Brisbane. This country is just *stunning*. I come from Paradise, but this land is thick with pride and grandeur. I’ll post photos when I get back home, but the vistas from the peak of the Cairngorms are something to behold.

I want to thank again everyone from London, Cambridge and Scotland who have spent time with me and motivated me to new projects, and new opportunities. I plan to live up to the trust you have placed in me, and I look forward to returning to this ancient land before long. Thank you one and all.

And now… a series of very long flights. Stay safe everyone, and I will post again from somewhere else in this world.

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