Glasgow greetings

I’ve spent the last few days in Glasgow, Scotland – almost home-away-from-home I’ve been there so often over the past couple of years. I do love Scotland. Such a pretty country and the people are always so lovely.  I came for consultancy-oriented meetings and to attend another fabulous session at Urban Learning Space.  Pat Kane spoke about his journey to finding a new business model in a networked age, and the session gave me great food for thought.  My company, Xenial, really must consider cooperating with social networking platforms like, and in order to continue to remain ‘ahead of the game’ when it comes to valuable interaction design. 

I also visited Aberdeen – photos up later today – and enjoyed that little town.  I still have only seen about half of Scotland, but I have at least now done most of the east coast and a bit of the west coast.  Maybe next time I will make it out to Skye or up into the far north.  But before then I still want to do Ireland and a bit more of Europe. 

I did have a bit of excitement last night – the fire alarm went off at 1:30am in the hotel where I was staying and we had to evacuate for 20 minutes, standing in the cold outside Queen St Station.  Not fun.  But other than that it’s been a beautiful time in Scotland and I very much appreciated the company of my fantastic Glasgow friends, Yvonne, Don and Pat 🙂 Thanks guys! xoxoxo

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