Global warming: “the fire causeth the waters to boil”

In the latest news on climate change, UK scientists have identified that the Atlantic ocean has dramatically reduced its absorption of carbon dioxide (CO2). It’s long been hypothesized that climate change will slow ocean absorption of CO2, and now it seems this time is upon us. This is exceedingly bad news for us all. It means that the arguments over whether the shifts in our climate are natural or human-related are now irrelevant. Now it behoves us to consider what the hell we’re going to do about it. It’s too late to pursue policies and practices that might act as a stop-gap to our own emissions. We now need to invest massively in research and production (note I don’t say “development” – prototypes are useless, we now need trial and error) to work our how to save our businesses. And it’s also mind-numbingly obtuse to think this isn’t going to affect everyone. The scourge of climate change is going to make even more of Australia unliveable. Unless you’re happy to let the Australian economy be steadily wiped out (or worse, to be turned into a giant mining desert), we’re going to need to do something fast.

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