Google and Aggregation

There’s no doubt about it: I iGoogle.

I have a number of tabs on different subject areas and because all the widgets can just be added and dragged around the page I can keep things up to date, based on recent interests.

But what baffles me is why Google don’t allow you to publish an iGoogle tab as a webpage for all the world to see. The widgets are there and they work, the content is developed by individual users, the layout could be set by the page owner and the value of iGoogle would be promoted by this kind of activity. Once you came across a special interest iGoogle Aggregator page on your subject of interest it could itself form a feed that would save you a lot of time in research. It should be straight forward; why don’t they just switch this on? If you can share a tab with a friend via email, why can’t you make an entire tab world-accessible (but modifiable only by the owner)?

And on the subject of aggregators, why aren’t there any decent archiving tools out there for RSS feeds? Most feed readers ‘expire’ feeds after a certain amount of time, and the only way you can keep a permanent record of posts is either to have feeds delivered to your inbox or on-publishing posts. Again, how hard would it be to write text content from a twitter search feed or a news feed, and save the links of blog posts and rich media content (flickr images, youtube videos, etc) to a text file for permanent recall?

I know both of these items are technically possible and if I muck around a bit with Yahoo pipes I could probably bring them to life, but surely this is something that just should already exist? If we can have entire online communities being built for free, then we ought to be able to have these little information warehousing apps, too.

EDIT: I’m also aware of both Netvibes and Pageflakes, but neither really look the way I want them to and they still don’t archive content in RSS feeds.  I just don’t understand why Google hasn’t already done this.

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