GWHS and successful websites

Huge thanks and many hugs to my darling high school girlfriends for meeting me for lunch today at Glen Waverley. Was fabulous to see them all as well as to meet Michelle’s 11 week old twins, to catch up with Jane’s three kids and to see Kris’s baby bump! Next time I see them all (tentatively Christmas 2008) the kids will all be so grown!

In other news, today’s links are all about websites.
– At, a list of the 10 most successful web 2.0 start-ups has been posted with the usual recommendations for alternatives in the comments section.
– A little more scientific but probably equally controversial is Harry Maugan’s Most powerful sites on Digg. I’m rather surprised BoingBoing doesn’t figure.
– And Andrew Chen has delivered a post on how to “ruthlessly acquire users” as part of a business strategy for a web2.0 startup. The strategies are pretty straight forward but I’ll be keen to watch this space on suggestions from the peanut gallery (comments).
– Finally as a bonus link, David Wheeler has actually done the sums on why businesses should consider adopting open source software/free software to save on operating costs. I think the study fails to take into account some intangible costs of training (he regards these as being either low cost or irrelevant, but with regular staff turnover, the trainign costs will accrue to greater than he acknowledges) but generally this is a reasonable analysis.

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