Happenings amidst the London buzz at Xenial…

1. Just lost out to a competitor on the property to which I was hoping to move our business. However, the landlords at our current address have offered us 6 months in an expanded facility here. I think I will take it.
2. Employed one staff member last week and hope to have another two start next week. Also negotiated a contract with a current staff member, taking him from contract to full time staff member.
3. Just received a certificate from our server host telling us we’d managed to save trees by hosting with them. The certificate was printed on paper and sent in a heavy cardboard envelope. I think that’s what we call ‘irony’.
4. Have spent my morning building two desks and two chairs (as well as dealing with general admin and crises and running meetings). Managed to make the residents downstairs think that someone was being injured up here. This is possibly a bad thing.
5. Had clam chowder for lunch. Yum.
6. Last week, Bebo was sold to AOL for US$850 million. Last year Microsoft paid US$240 million for its 1.6% share of Facebook, nominally valuing the social networking site at US$15billion. I am in the right industry.
7. I will catch up with people. Soon. I promise. Maybe even over Easter. Maybe even with pics of London.

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