Happy Birthday Lego

It was 50 years ago today that the Lego brick first came on the market. I know my brother and I had hours of fun playing with Lego as kids, and I’m fairly certain that pretty much every hacker I’ve ever known has had a no-so-secret love of Lego, even if only manifesting itself in Lego versions of Monty Python sketches and Star Wars stop-motion re-enactments of the films, built entirely in Lego.

I must admit I’m a huge fan of Lego and their work on ‘serious play‘. So I feel there’s always a place for Lego in your life – no matter how old you are. That said, I wish Lego a very happy birthday, and hope all will enjoy their favourite Lego moments today. And in celebration, I want to include this little gem of a Lego stop-motion sketch. But I warn you: it’s adults only!

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