Happy Birthday to Me

My  mother has a point in the comment she has made to my previous post: if there were a competition for the best birthday on earth, I think I’d go very close to winning it.  I have spent the most glorious 24 hours in Paris, staying at a little hotel on thr Avenue de Friedland, just off the Champs Elysees, where I had a superb meal with champagne last night and where I had a sumptuous lunch, complete with complementary champagne and my sheer indulgence: genuinely French creme brulee!  I wandered the Champs Elysees and explored the surrounds of the Louvre (which, sadly, is closed on Tuesdays) but then spent a great amount of time at the Musee D’Orsay before heading back along the streets to the Arc de Triomphe.  I was given a mini makeup session in Sephora this morning and free internet and drinks at the bar of my hotel.  And through it all, the Paris sun has shone brightly and not a breath of wind has spoiled my day. I have to say, it’s been rather a profitable day!

But beyond all the beauty and splendour of Paris, it has been the constant stream of emails, twitter messages, Skype messages, Facebook messages, SMSs and calls which has made today truly magic for me.  It’s okay to be ‘tout seule’ when you have a flood of messages from all walks of your life wishing you good things.  Thank you one and all who have sent a message or offered their best in some way or another.  You have, every single one of you, brightened my day so much. I feel most loved, and your thoughts and wishes are truly treasured.  So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I’ll be posting pics from the day later this evening when I get back, but I ask that you look to the skies to see just how gorgeous a day it was.  Someone is smiling down on me up there anyway.

So as I enter my … *ahem*… late 30s… I have to say I could not have wished for a better day.  No maybe I could.  Maybe it would have been nice to share it with people, but I felt I shared it with you all anyway, with messages coming in thick and fast all day 🙂 So while I was alone, I felt as though you were all there sharing it with me.  Thank you all for making my day. xoxo

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