Happy Birthday to my lovely Mum

It’s my mother, Alison’s, birthday today and she is enjoying 22 again (well why not?). I’ve had my mother with me for the past 10 days and it’s been a joy. Of course I haven’t been the best daughter I could be by any stretch of the imagination, and my rather weakened state due to an illness that has attacked my joints and left me fairly hopeless for the past few weeks has meant that I wasn’t able to do all I wanted with Mum while she was here. But we did get to spend some good times together. And more to the point, I am lucky enough to have a Mum who is very different from me and a worthy combatant as well as being a great friend. So life was never dull while she was here! She’s gone home to Melbourne now, and I miss her now she’s gone, but I know she’s being well looked after in the company of some fabulous friends tonight in Melbourne (huge thank you to Veronica and Avril for being with her tonight!).

Mum, it was great to have you here for Mother’s Day and your birthday. Thanks for all your help and your generosity while you were here in balmy Brisbane. Love you heaps, Mum. Hope you had a happy birthday.

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