Happy Birthday to my Mum

Here I am in Oz and have spent the last few days catching up with family and close friends and it’s all been delightful.  And today is the day I came for: Mum’s birthday.  It’s a milestone year for Mum, and in many respects it’s a milestone to have my family all in the same city.  But here we all are and it’s going to be a gorgeous day having lunch with my brother and sister-in-law and my niece and nephew.


Mum is (deservedly) much loved.  You’ll see here from the pic just how many cards she’s received before 7am on her birthday – and no doubt there are more to come.  Mum is generous spirited with a streak of naughtiness, she loves her home, her friends and her family and she has a laugh that is infectious. As a mum she’s always encouraged my brother and me to think independently, to strive to achieve and to follow our dreams.  Of course, such a fantastic upbringing has its weaknesses: precisely because we are such independentistas, my brother and I have moved off to other cities and pushed ourselves very hard to achieve all we have done.  And there’s no doubt as a nomad, that I value home in a very different way from Mum. But I came to learn that as my trip downunder was threatened by the ash cloud over the past couple of months that ‘home’ (or, at least, the place where Mum is) is still very important to me and I’m delighted to be here to help Mum celebrate her special day.

So happy birthday, Mum. Love you lots. And you are most worthy of the sunshine beaming down upon you 🙂

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