Happy St Paddy’s!

Wishing you all a very happy St Patrick’s Day today. Four leaf clovers to you all!

And on this day, I am reminded of a time when I was about 7 years old, when I used to make “Irish Coffees” in the bathtub. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I had a vivid imagination as a child, and while most children were play acting as fireman and nurses and school teachers, I used to play a barmaid in the bathtub, scrubbing down the bar (the edge of the bath) and serving froth covered hot drinks (soapie water with a foam “head”) and pulling “beers” from the (cold) tap. Whether this was a suggested strategy from my mother as a means of getting me to clean the bathtub I don’t remember, but as an adult looking back, I cannot help but laugh at the memory. I was an odd child! 🙂 But perhaps it was some distant cultural memory of Irish roots rising from the imagination of a very small girl. In any case, here’s to all of us enjoying whatever version of an Irish coffee you would like to consume today!

EDIT: In the spirit of the occasion I thought I’d also add a link to the Leprachaun Watch webcam! Wonderfully silly!

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