Hi from Scotland

I’ve arrived at my last port-of-call before returning to Oz and am happily settled in my apartment here in Dowanhill Street in the West End of Glasgow, and from which I’ll be commuting around Scotland for the next week. The flat is gorgeous, a lot bigger than the one I had in Cambridge, and just as toasty warm thanks to another set of efficient radiators. Outside, of course, it’s about 4° C. No snow though. *sighs* Cross fingers for me for snow for later in the week.

The trip here was uneventful, in spite of the British Airways pilot warning us that the trip to Scotland was going to be terribly bumpy. But it’s taken basically the whole day to set up. I left my hotel room in Hyde Park at 9:05am this morning and I’ve only really stopped at 4:50pm to take a breath. My back is sore and I’m ready to crash early tonight, in spite of my proximity to the night life of Scotland, as it’s been a long day. I took the Underground to Heathrow (changing trains at Earls Court) and then found my flight delayed Thank goodness for my Qantas Club membership which gave me a few comfortable minutes and some free food during the wait! After the flight and a cab ride here it was a matter of setting up house and learning how to use all the equipment, including getting my wireless broadband set up, and heading out to the supermarket to buy some real food to cook for the week. So between dragging my luggage around and then unpacking, shopping for food and setting up house here, I’ve been on the go for pretty much the whole day, and I am absolutely exhausted!

I was going to do a tour tomorrow but may well leave that till later in the week as I think I’m going to need a day to familiarise myself and get my work done before the working week begins on Monday – and it IS a working week for me this week.

Thanks to everyone who made an effort to see me in London this week. Gavin, Kelina and Sheddy it was beautiful to see you last week! Sorry we only got to see each other the once. Thanks to Robin for trying to see me even if it didn’t quite work! Thanks to my colleagues who met me for business talks and friends who managed to brave the London gales for some quality time under cover! And finally a very big thank you to Tonya and Sarah for a truly lovely night last night in London – was lovely to see you beautiful dolls and I can’t wait for us to be holy Australian terrors together when I’m back there in London in the mid-year!

Okay folks, I’m going to go have an early dinner and lie on a hot water bottle in front of the tv for the rest of the day. Goodness, I am getting old!!!

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