Hi I’m Joanne. I live in London.

Hello from London. I have now been awake for 23.5 hours so I’m as coherent as a pygmy possom being chased by a psychotic bat, so I think it’s best if I say that I’m here, all went very well getting here, and even though the flight from Hong Kong was delayed by 2 hours we only ended up being 30 minutes late when we landed. Even so, I found my way to my flat without a map or even needing to ask for assistance. Luggage was again just fine. Flat is very basic, but neat and clean and will be fine for the next few weeks while I look for something more permanent. \Still no PC and it’s driving me nuts. But Dell should come through by no later than Mondy. In the meantime, I can get 30 minutes internet time for 50p (about A$1.25) about 30 meters from my front door.

Thanks to my two wonderful seat-pals on the flight from Hong Kong – David and Leone. I very much enjoyed your company over the 13.5 hours.

Weather is best described as chilly. Fortunately my old Melbourne coat and a scarf and gloves which I carry around with me is keeping me toasty.

Okay folks I need to sleep. Will update you all tomorrow. *HUGS ALL*

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