Home again. Ah Brisbane!

It’s good to be home! That first breath of balmy Brisbane humidity is like a warm embrace. The fact that I flew home on Friday 13th during a full moon, and my partner flew across China on Dodgy Brothers Airlines, seems not to have tempted The Fates, and we are both safe. Thanks be.

In celebration of my return to my lovely home, here are a few tidbits for your enjoyment and edification:
– Google has a rather bizarre way of summarising (reducing?) countries to a series of search terms. Here’s a map to illustrate the phenomenon.
– For all you MBAs and Business Planners out there, have a read through Guy Kawasaki’s Top 10 Lies of Entrepreneurs. Several truisms are therein, but I think perhap even more importantly the questions that are raised as a result provide food for thought (and possibly some strategy development)
– Macworld has finally accepted the power of blogging with the launch of iWeb, promising blogs for everyone!
– Christmas is just over eleven months away. So it’s time to start saving for Jo’s Christmas 2006 gift of a Samsung 16Gb flash memory stick
– Controversy rages over stem cell research papers released in the prestigious Science magazine, with the withdrawal of two articles from Korea on the subject
– The British Library’s Online Music Catalogue now includes some rare fragments of Mozart compositions – this is where digital works come in to their own; making works viewable that are too precious and too vulnerable to be put on public display
– And for those curious about where I’ve been for the past week, have a look at the history of Fremantle and the captured beauty of Rottnest Island.

Thanks to all those I met and spent time with in WA. Although I’m truly tired, I did enjoy the experience. And now to rest.

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