Hospitalised JJ

For those unaware, last weekend I was hospitalised with a particularly nasty superbug that has rather badly damaged my digestive tract. I was on a drip for 36 hours and meant to be for another 12 but I argued hard to get off the drip and to get home late on Sunday night. Since I’ve been home I’m extremely weak and still suffering from malabsorption, and I’ve had to have more tests for bacterial diseases. So I still don’t know absolutely what I’ve had but I do know I have been about as unwell as I’ve ever been over the past 12 days, and that my recovery is likely to be rather slower than my usual bounce-back-to-health routine.

My apologies if I have not got back to people who have sent queries to me; please try again and I’ll get back to you when I can. In the meantime I’d like to publicly thank Alison and Jonny Tsang, Lucy Windmill, Mark O’Neill, Ilicco Elia and Kate Day, and Kristen Simpson for their support while I was in hospital and at home, unable to get around. And I’d like to thank everyone else who sent wishes and messages of support while I’ve been so ill. Thank you all.

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