How good is this?

First of all a quick update: since the public disturbance issue of last Sunday morning I have heard not a peep out of my neighbour. I’m hoping he is embarrassed beyond belief that his obtuseness landed him in the position of a public nuisance, but time shall tell.

In the meantime, I wanted to thank the police for their sympathy and kindness in dealing with my claim last weekend, so I wrote a short note of thanks, detailing my respect and appreciation for the professionalism and gentleness with which my query had been handled. I expected nothing in reply – it was merely an expression of thanks. But in return, the Senior Sergeant at the station has written me a note, thanking me for my thankyou letter! Further, the two officers who dealt with my query have had entered into their permanent record, my note of appreciation. I’m absolutely floored! How extraordinary to deal with a police force who are so generous and acknowledging of the community!

So often we record moments of frustration and poor experiences with governance. I’m so pleased to be able to record here and now, a very positive experience with the Queensland Police, and to say I’m really thrilled to have received such an unexpected and moving epistle of appreciation.

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