Howard’s End: The Fish Was This Big!!!!

As John Howard’s tenure as Prime Minister hopefully is drawing to a rapid conclusion, it is appropriate to reflect on his latest gaff – and it seems ironic that it is the collective might of an ignorant global population that will lead to his downfall.

As humanity continues to ignore the evidence of massive climate change, and continues to produce the carbon emissions that intensify the greenhouse gas effect around the planet, John Howard continues to regard the issue with a sense of contempt. Apparently for John Howard, targets for reducing carbon emissions could affect jobs. The fact that failing to address carbon emissions could affect a hell of a lot more jobs doesn’t seem to have occurred to him – indeed, Australia’s current drought, he argues, is primarily because we have such a large population today.

But it’s his recent belittling of the climate change issue which has been his most spectacular blunder. This week, John Howard has rejected the notion that climate change is a profound moral issue, disdainful of both Al Gore’s argument in An Inconvenient Truth and that of the current opposition. But whilst it’s unsurprising that politicians disagree with one another, it’s a very different thing when the population of an entire state so profoundly disagree with John Howard. And this week, that’s what has happened. A survey of Queenslanders has demonstrated that over 90% of the state’s population think that climate change is the most important issue facing Australia at the moment.

And now, CSIRO scientists are saying that wild fish stocks in Australia are growing faster and bigger due to rising temperatures in the oceans. In fact, they are growing as much as 30% larger. It might help when Johnny wants to exaggerate or ignore the truth about his latest fishing catch, but it is Howard himself who will be caught out at last.

To borrow from Gore’s documentary, wake up, John Howard. Or at the very least, retire.

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