Hue and Cry’s Open Soul Album

Last night I saw Scottish pop band Hue and Cry launch their Open Soul album at Bush Hall, and it was a completely fantastic event.  The Kane brothers and their band are incredibly energetic and their album, which I purchased last night and listened to this morning, is a fantastic mix of funky and celebration.  21 years since their first album and 16 years since their last pop album, Hue and Cry have achieved an incredible feat with this album in hitting the mark on so many songs.  Along with pretty much everyone else who has heard the album, my favourite track is Stumble Through the Dance, which was extra special for me last night, sung live.  I’m a big fan of Pat Kane – both musically and intellectually – but this song is a triumph of rhythm and heart. 

I had a ball last night and I am sure the other people who attended the sold-out gig and were dancing and singing along with the band had a similarly fabulous night.  Thanks guys.  Great stuff!

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