I remember sleep

Sitting here on 2.5 hours sleep again. I just love insomnia. Mind you, today’s effort was probably due to issues that have arisen in the past 24 hours where my integrity has been questioned. I’m not going in to the details, but suffice to say it’s not been pleasant.

In other issues, my garage door is now a much more agreeable caramel colour. The blue wasn’t a primer (yes Paul, you were right about it being painted), but as soon as the neighbours took one look at the bizarre Aerogard blue for the doors, the freak who had overruled the rest of the block in choosing colours was very quickly rounded up and beaten into submission, whereupon the original (new) colour scheme was restored. For those mildly interested and technologically inclined, the colour scheme is now closest to HTML: #CC9900; RGB: 204,153,0; or CMYK: 20,40,100,0. Now the woodwork and frames are being transformed from Federation Green to the same stone coloured brown.

And finally, thanks to Axel I now have a chunky folder with the entire print out of the Uses of Blogs book 🙂

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