I suffer for my email and now it’s your turn

Over the past few days I have had:

  • no email at all due to mail server downtime (for a period in excess of 28 hours)
  • masses of spam from QUT which doesn’t seem capable of properly closing ‘closed’ mailing lists
  • masses MORE spam due to my mail host shutting down greylisting while the server is tested

So if I have failed to respond to your emails, I apologise. It’s possible, however, that I never received anything from you at all. Bear with me, because I will get to things as soon as I can.

EDIT: It is with a lovely sense of irony that I am able to record that I have just received an email which reads, “Note: This Return Receipt only acknowledges that the message was displayed on the recipient’s computer. There is no guarantee that the recipient has read or understood the message contents.” Only trouble with this return receipt is that it’s for an email I sent a week ago and the recipient has already contacted me a week ago to say the message was blank. Ah technology!

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