Ideas Bonanza

At the half way point of the Ideas Festival, I’m checking in to say that sessions have been fantastic (in spite of the torrential rain yesterday) and this weekend promises to be just as fascinating as the past two days. Thanks to all my speakers for their efforts yesterday – Ingrid Van Beek, Gisele Gass, Tim Goodwin, Julianne Schultz and Cory Doctorow, and thanks to Pat Kane for his presentation and ideas at dinner last night.

I’m looking forward to my session with Martina Sheehan today on Modern Business; Ancient Wisdom, and to Julian Burnside‘s session tonight on the Cost of Yielding.

All in all, sessions have been well-attended and the audiences have been engaged. It’s great to see so many people involved and participating. Thanks also to all my friends, colleagues and associates who have attended and participated over the past coupole of days – hope you have enjoyed this fabulous event. Of course there is more to come, so if you’re in Brisbane and want to be challenged, come along to remaining sessions of the Festival. The program is available from

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