Ideas Festival – Thanks!

Well it’s been a fabulous and stimulating four and a half days at the Ideas Festival, and I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who attended and participated in this extraordinary and important event. Sessions over the weekend were almost all full, and the engagement of viewers with the content was absolutely sensational. Highlights included the Ideas Debate on Wednesday, Consumption as a lifestyle choice with Will Steffens, John Quiggin and Ed Blakely, and Ode to Mrs Pugsly with Tim Goodwin, Wayne Hudson, Allan Luke and Larissa Behrendt on Thursday, my session with Tim Goodwin, Gisele Gass and Ingrid Van Beek, the Cory Doctorow lecture on digital rights management and Pat Kane’s lecture on the Power of Play on Friday, Waiting for the Prince with Elspeth Probyn, Anna Haebich, Ngaire Naffine and Sallyanne Atkinson, Martina Sheehan in Modern Business, Ancient Wisdom and Julian Burnside speaking about civil rights degradation on Saturday, and Seven News Sins with Pat Kane, Jeffrey Masson, Johan Galtung and Paul Collins on Sunday.

Just reminding you all that sessions have been recorded and ABC Radio National and Radio Australia will be broadcasting some sessions in coming days and weeks, and the the Ideas Festival site is going to publish MP3 files of sessions over the next several weeks.

I’m delighted to have been an Ideas Advisor for this wonderful Festival – it was a privilege to work with my fellow Advisors, and with Festival Director, Kylie Murphy, and her crew. I do hope Brisbane and the public will support future Ideas Festival events. We can’t lose this momentum. Let’s continue to engage in new ideas, new opportunities and new connections.

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