In London

So here I am in London and the sun is shining over Trafalgar Square where the rather limp Christmas tree is holding court over the square. The city is very quiet – only populated by tourists – because Londoners are fairly slow on Sunday mornings and shops don’t open till 11am. It is chilly, but I am coping rather better than I’d expected. It is true what they say – with a good hat, scarf and gloves and a decent jacket you can be warm even without thermals.

I’ve taken most of the weekend off so far. I began to feel a bit weary yesterday after such a gruelling few weeks getting over here and setting up that I felt it was better to spend Saturday just doing essentials (grocery shopping and washing, etc) and then spent the day curled up with a book. Good decision I think. I feel so much more refreshed today.

Today I will also meet up with an old friend from Melbourne, Robin, who has been living here 5 years now. Am looking forward to catching up.

All else continues well. I have been planning museum trips and sight-seeing during my down times over the Christmas – New Year period. So looking forward to it! But of course between now and then I still have so many appointments and arrangements to attend. Busy busy. And yes, I will post photos when I can but my laptop doesn’t arrive till Tuesday so will be prevented from uploading till then. In the meantime it’s all text. Sorry folks! Low Tech!!!

Hope all are well. Great to hear from those who have been in touch. Andf no, Adrian, I will NOT get an English accent. I’m enjoying being an Aussie in London. 🙂

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