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Some odd main stories in the blogs today. Three in particular are worth noting. One I am saddened by, one amuses me, and the other is close to disturbing.

The first is the sad news that the entire set history of the telemovies of Wallace and Gromit has been destroyed by fire at a warehouse in Bristol, England. The sets from the recent film are okay but the early history is all gone.

The second item is both bizarre and amusing as the Catholic Church now are admitting that much of the bible probably shouldn’t be considered entirely accurate. It’s only taken them a couple of millenia. Nice one Benedict! They don’t call you Pope Rat for nothing, do they?

The final item is something I’m having trouble with. In Belgium, UNICEF has released an advertisement portraying the horrors of war from a children’s perspective, using Smurf characters from the much-loved cartoon series. I actually admire the approach from an academic and marketing perspective, because once you’ve worn out traditional means of shocking people, taking something as charming as a beloved childhood cartoon and thrusting it into the misery and carnage of war is extremely effective. But there’s also something inside me that wavers on this issue. It’s not the broadcast scheduling or the fact that the issue of the impact of war on children should be disregarded… I guess I’m just wondering what parts of our lives should be sequestered from exploitation for marketing purposes. I understand and value the message that needs to be communicated. But somehow I feel that in using these images, we’re proving, rather than preventing, the impact of war.

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