Inconstant blogger!

It’s been more than a week since I updated this blog and I am sorely sorry. However, I assure you all my time has not been misspent. In the past week I have:
– picked up a new consultancy project
– agreed to be interviewed for a business podcast
– accepted another book chapter invitation
– begun writing said chapter
– framed two other papers for separate conferences
– advised on the development of a new public interest festival
– participated at a federal government Digital Content action forum
– accepted an invitation to participate in a training forum arising from the Digital Content forum
– accepted another speaking gig
– unhappily had to refuse 3 other speaking gig invitations
– accepted an invitation to join a new research group
– presented strategic plans on research projects
– taught
– marked digital assignments, uploaded assignments, then realised my block upload was completely useless as I had to release each file individually
– attended an Arabian nights party in a harem costume (thanks to Shan for a fabulous night!)
– attended a housewarming (thanks to Axel and Ann for having me and a relaxing afternoon!)
– caught up with, and had an old friend who is now based in London stay for a couple of nights (great to see you again Robin!)
– cleaned house
– continued to recover from a still rather painful bout of arthritis, now localised around my left knee and right hip.

Oh and I managed to catch up with a few other people, including my wonderful muse.

So it’s been busy. Will blog more interesting stuff later tonight after dinner with former student and dear ballet friend, Christine, who is in town, performing with the cast of the South Korea-based LATT Children’s Theatre in The Shadow Thief. It’s also Christine’s birthday today, so Happy Birthday sweetheart!!!

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