Jet lag: The Update

There are some positives about being incoherently confused and exhausted. Because I am so tired and so untrusting of my own capacity to achieve anything, I have spent my day following up on administrative duties and following up on emails I hadn’t had a chance to get to in the past week or more. And I’ve been absurd with my diary, blocking out entire weeks for possibilities of appointments because I don’t trust myself to remember to the next minute any appointment I might have negotiated through these communications. I’m also careful with my prose in a manner to which I am not accustomed. Because coherence is important to me, I’m using email to construct sentences with the kind of clarity I cannot hope to attain in verbal conversation at the moment.

In addition, I’ve completed my unpacking, done a load of washing, cleaned out some old papers and boxes, dusted, filed documents, shopped for groceries and generally tied up some loose ends that have been laying idle for some time. So as confused as I am, I’ve actually been highly productive.

There are still a few “To Do” items on my list but now I need to just drop for a few minutes and let my body adjust. Siesta time. Back later folks.

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