Jetsetter JJ

Hi folks,

Am in the departure lounge for my next jaunt to the UK to present a paper at the International Technology, Knowledge and Society conference at Cambridge University and to present a couple of workshops in England and Scotland. I’m bored, but there’s only 40 minutes till I have to board my Emirates flight so not so bad. I know I promised to post Sydney NYE pics and more pics of my niece but hey, I had a niece to hold, and then a flight back from Sydney to catch and then I had packing to do. So you’ll get them when I arrive in Cambridge.

Thanks again to the Goddess Jo for housesitting my place whilst I’m away and to Shannie for just being all-round beautiful, and to my friend in the UK for meeting up with me whilst I’m there! You all rock.

See you in Feb, folks. Well, actually, knowing my phone cam habits, probably see you in Cambridge. Enjoy the heat as I freeze in sub 10° C.

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