JJ Offline

Yes it’s too true. From tomorrow afternoon I will be without a laptop or indeed any pc, and will instead be wondering what I normally did with my time without a computer. I shall probably start to blither. But this is all in preparation for my jetting off to the UK first thing on Tuesday morning. I will write one last post from Brisbane probably from the Qantas Club on Tuesday morning, but in case anyone tries to email or message me in the next week, I may be hard to catch.

I do hope to be back online and connected from Old London Town from Saturday morning, Australian time, but that’s pretty dependent on whether I can manage to get my new Dell notebook (which is red, so you *know* it’s fast) delivered to my London flat on Friday. Cross fingers!

So I’ll sign off from my little flat in Albion, Brisbane, and wish you all great times and great connectivity. As I say, I’ll post again from the Qantas Club on Tuesday, but in the meantime, it’s a fond farewell from my little silver laptop.

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