JJ’s sci fi podcast – up at last

Yes, I have finally carried out the threat I made a year or more ago. I’ve recorded a podcast on my favourite science fiction films and placed it online. I’m releasing this under a Creative Commons licence, so you’re welcome to download, adapt, mix, etc (if you ever get that bored), but I’m warning you now, it’ll be only available for download for 14 days. It’s too big a file for me to keep online. I’ll keep a copy though, in case anyone is desperate enough to want a copy at a later date.

This podcast is full oh umms and ahhhs, all of which I’d normally delete (as a good producer does) but then it wouldn’t sound so amateur 😉 So I’ve left them in there for… well let’s just call it “character”. I’ve also done my damndest to leave the theory out of the podcast because otherwise I’d have been speaking for 3 hours, not just the hour. And I’d have bored most of you to tears. So I’ve tried to be conversational rather than distinctly literary. Of course, if you prefer, I can back this up with a paper at a later date 😉 In any case, feedback much appreciated!

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