Jo, what do you do?

I’ve said it before but I do love my job. Now I believe it behoves me to describe what I am actually doing.

I’ve recently been appointed Client Director of Xenial Ltd, a digital media production agency that specialises in social networking platforms and applications. Our flagship product is the site,, an active and committed community of pregnant women and new mothers, with the expert support of Mothercare, a brand with over 40 years experience in the process of parenting. Xenial also have the hugely successful UK-based social networking site, Bebo and media giant SkyTV as clients, and are in the process of securing business with other multinational brands.

As Client Director, I am responsible for the growth and expansion of the business for both local international markets, as well as ensuring my team continue to create world-class social networking websites and Web 2.0 products. We are focused on interaction design and usability as well as scalability as key components of our products and services. I have a fantastic team of developers, editors and designers, and I am privileged to have the financial backing of Fleming Media to support incubation of our ideas.

I am already planning a great future for Xenial. And I’m proud to be guiding an already great UK business on to bigger and better things.

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