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So I’ve managed to come down with a cold, I think. It was probably inevitable. All the executives in the office have been soldiering on, coming in to work every day and spreading their germs around to everyone else. After years of carrying on that practice myself, I’ve decided to refrain from that action nowadays. Given I can work perfectly well from home, I’d prefer to stay warm and comfortable, drink plenty of fluids and get better faster than struggling to get to work and feeling rotten. I imagine I’ll be home from work tomorrow. I’m sure they’ll cope without me.

In other news, in the midst of sending a whole series of links via email to my muse, I realised I should have been blogging the ideas for later reference and for the interest of all my readers! So here are the readings I’ve consumed today in my Race Around the Web….

* Creating Passionate Users has a lovely and accurate expose on the myth of keeping up with research readings: http://headrush.typepad.com/creating_passionate_users/2006/04/the_myth_of_kee.html

* Dion Hinchcliffe has a useful run-down on the differences and similarities between Web 2.0 and a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA):

* On Web 2.0, the Web 2.0 Ireland conference held over the last few days seems to have produced some interesting ideas, including Jeff Clavier’s presentation on key factors for success:

* Ross Mayfield has done it again, with a fabulous post on Power Law Participation:

* I’m fascinated by the concept of Jonathan Schwartz keeping up his blogging now he’s CEO of Sun, but his ideas for transparency of business practice are something I’ve alluded to in my research and he seems to be enacting them already, so I wonder how this humanizing strategy is going to suit him:

There are also a few other pieces I haven’t got around to yet, but will form the majority of my reading/exploration after dinner tonight:
– Guardian article on the True Price of Doing Business in China
– New York Times is plotting homicide locations on Google Maps
– Seth Godin has a piece on blogging frequency I need to read: The noisy tragedy of the blog commons
– Just when you thought Google was running out of business ideas, they’ve found a new way to make megabucks advertising on otherwise vacant websites.

Enjoy the fruits of my research! 🙂

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