Last day touring Glasgow…

Oh I *so* don’t want to leave this place. I have absolutely adored my holiday here in Scotland and have met some of the friendliest people you would ever meet. Everyone wants to talk to me and everyone has offered advice on places to see and thing to do, or they’ve asked me to recommend places to see in Oz. They’re all keen to get Aussies over here because apparently we make great tourists and have a similar sense of humour, and they seem to genuinely care about sharing the space and time they have. The thought of going back to the daily grind after this is… well, let’s just say that if I won Lotto, I know where I’d head first!

On my last day touring Glasgow I mainly wandered the streets of town, taking in the more obscure and less touristy sights by traversing tiny laneways and passing cafes and little businesses, and then returning to the main scene with shopping and just breathing in the atmosphere.

And bizarrely, I was mistaken for a Scot by a local who stopped me in the street and asked for directions to a landmark in Glasgow proper. Perhaps my tartan scarf and long black overcoat looked legitimate! Anyway I was not merely diverted that I was asked directions, I was highly amused to be able to answer correctly and give quite detailed advice on how to get to the particular landmark! 🙂 Having a photographic memory for directions and streets comes in handy on occasion!

Anyway I finished the day by doing terribly prosaic things like picking up my washing and organising my suitcase before heading out to dinner (yes Mum, I did eat!) and finishing up the day with some videos on YouTube. Tomorrow morning I complete packing my case and very regretfully must depart this beautiful country. What a trip this has been. I’ll probably be offline for the next few days if I can’t get to a terminal, so all the very best to everyone and if I can’t do so sooner, I will post again when I’m back to work in Brisbane.

Farewell beautiful Scotland. I will see you again soon, I’m sure!

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