Late night links

Due to the fact that I simply cannot sleep, I have decided to make use of my time and actually find some decent reading. Here’s what I have found:

– The latest Pew Internet Research Project study, The Strength of Internet Ties, confirms the view of social software advocates, that the internet plays a major role in sustaining social networks among users, and the majority of users consult the internet to assist in making major life decisions;
– Google has released the results of their quantitative study on Web Authoring, conducted in December 2005. The findings are probably not wildly ground-breaking, but it’s worth a 5 minute scan;
– There’s a nice piece in Wired News on the relative influence of Steve Jobs versus Bill Gates in terms of philanthropy. Jobs comes off looking a tad self-obsessed;
– SixApart has a new version of its Movable Type blogging software out… must upgrade soon;
– Many of you know I’m convinced RSS is decidedly undervalued as a tool… As I keep my eye on the Technorati RSS tag watcher, I see a slow but steady growth in discussion. I’m positive this will continue;
– Those suffering from the heatwave hitting the southern states at the moment probably won’t be surprised that on a global scale, 2005 is officially the hottest year on record. 2006 is forecast to be hotter still;
– On a lighter note, Business 2.0’s 101 Dumbest moments in business for 2005 explores some of the extraordinary events that have affected world markets in the past year;
– And finally, I’m sure everyone has seen this by now, but I’m still curious about the Google Earth discovery recorded in The Register, pertaining to an apparently flying car in Perth.

I should sleep, but I probably won’t. I’m going to try anyway.

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