Late night/early morning reads

Okay so it’s 4am and I’m awake. Yes it’s annoying, but I might as well use the time efficiently. Have been fascinated by two articles I have been reading since about 3:30am. One relates to the rise of BitTorrent and the support it has received from the Hollywood community in spite of the fact that it’s another way to distribute pirated content. This is a Fortune Magazine article and long, but well worth the read. The other item of interest that has of course attracted my attention is the latest State of the Blogosphere post from Technorati. Looks like the blogosphere just continues to grow at phenomenal rates. It’s not even plateauing. This is just extraordinary.

Thanks also to Pete Laurie for his sensational recommendation of the report from the US National Science Foundation workshop on Creativity Support Tools, which took place in June this year and the report was released late September. This is a remarkable piece of work and absolutely vital to the research ACID is conducting – thanks Pete, you rock.

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