Like Minds Helsinki

Last week I spoke at the very first Like Minds event, in Helsinki, Finland.  It was a delight to be part of this important event, attended strongly by Finland’s biggest tech firm, Nokia, and mounted at the fabulous FinPro Ilmarinen auditorium in the heart of Helsinki.  Besides the important and often mind-blowing conversations and demonstrations of augmented reality and emergent technology for the ‘Real Time in Real Life’-themed event, it was again an event which was characterised by care, immaculate timing and inspiring participant engagement.  I’ve received some fabulous feedback from my presentation (which you will soon be able to see on video), and I look forward to some great business opportunities arising from the event.

The day after Like Minds Conversation was the Like Minds Summit, where 20 technology experts got together to develop a social media strategy for  Again I was completely delighted to be part of the summit, as this kind of collaborative strategy development is something I absolutely adore.  As participants I think we worked extremely well together, developing a many-faceted strategy, focused on Finnish #sisu, and to which I’m proud to have contributed.  I hope what we came up with was of value to the organisation; I applaud their tactics in investing in expertise, and I hope the manner in which we responded to their brief was both actionable and will deliver the increased custom they seek.  I can say that my brief experience of Helsinki has left me interested in returning to explore it further.  It’s a fascinating, relatively newly independent country with a rich personality and with scenes and architecture that are well worth visiting.

Helsinki: Government Building in the main square

My overall experience of Like Minds was again a sense of the value of professional and caring organisation and participation.  Self organisation and just-in-time collaboration can only go so far in forging connections in a networked world. Only facilitative and generous participation and highly organised event management can truly deliver inspiring experiences such as Like Minds. Many other events and meetings series could learn a very great deal from their priorities.

And of course, I want to thank the guys that gave me the opportunity to both speak at the event and participate in the summit. I can’t imagine anything I’d enjoy doing more. As a social media consultant it’s vital to stay on top of emergent media and to explore how they may be used in various contexts, but it’s also fantastic to work in a collaborative manner with people at the top of their game in technology production, word of mouth marketing, design, communication and digital business management. It’s the ultimate playground for the networked entrepreneur: thinking about, and then devising means of using social tools to hack reality.

I really take my hat off to Scott Gould and Drew Ellis for their attention to detail and their capacity to deliver amazing experiences for all who attend and contribute.  And I’m looking forward to the launch of the Like Minds Club soon – surely London’s new hub for networking, training and collaboration for digital business. Thanks guys, I owe you so much, for another superb experience.

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