London: Day 1

I’m glad I have a sense of humour. The little flat I am staying in has a fridge which hadn’t been defrosted this century I’d say, as the whole freezer was frozen solid. So in the process of defrosting last night the landlord left the fridge blocking the exit to the apartment and then during the course of the ngiht I was vioolently awoken when the thing crashed to the floor spilling a large amount of water on to the carpet. Several towels later and after the ice filled the sink, I got up to have a cup of tea and as the kettle began to boil there was a flash and the power went out to the entire apartment – lights and appliances. After calling the Mr Fixit guy, I returned to bed to just sleep in. Good excuse I figured 🙂

So once the fuses were fixed (to the main fuses – not just to my flat) I finally got up and had a longish shower – such a luxury for an Australian – and got to “work”. That is, gettign my bank account set up, doing some grocery shopping, organising for delivery of my new laptop, and registering for properties to let, as well as visiting a prospective place. It’s been a constructive day if rather involved, and I expect the same for tomorrow – though of course no services are open over the weekend.

I do plan to go and see some fo the Christmas festivals over coming days and will spend some of the weekend relaxing but it’s back to work next week getting myself established in London. I already feel very comfortable here and feel confident in whatever I do. Just gotta watch those pounds in coming weeks!

Unfortunately I still won’t have my laptop till Tuesday but will keep updating via this little cafe just down the road from my place over coming days. I promised I’d update and I am so doing 🙂

But all doing well here! It’s cold but my jackets and hats and gloves and scarves are keeping me toasty warm. And it’s lovely being warm when it’s cold outside!

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