London: Day 2 – Warm

I’ve just returned from breakfast where there was Vegemite. Bless you, Aussie tourists, for bringing the Great Vitamin B Boost into the mainstream of London hotel offerings for continental breakfasts! I was quite happy to stick to marmalade for the day today, but I will partake of the old Vegemite tomorrow. But I plan to have more porridge with honey. Yummy.

As for the weather today, the sky is cloudy and a pale pearly grey, but the temperature is ridiculously warm at about 16 degrees at 8am, heading for a top of around 19° C. The odd shower is predicted, but I think my little pink brolley will be sufficient. I suspect I’ll be a bit warmish in my suit all day though. Not that 19 is all that warm; it’s 18 degrees right now at home, after a top of around 24, but with the humidity here the apparent temperature at 19 is about 22 or 23 degrees anyway, and the clothes I’ve brought are all designed for about 12 degrees. So I’m already hot. And I think my big black overcoat is going to be WAY too warm today so I’m leaving it at the hotel. Just do me a favour and ensure you send warming vibes for the day!

Okay folks: I have the London Knowledge Lab and sight-seeing around Oxford and Regent Sts and Covent Garden on the agenda for today and then I’m hoping to meet with a contact in London and an old friend before collapsing back at the hotel room (with piccies!) tonight. See you then!

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