Media Camp London (3)

Broadcasting company ideals

Good early afternoon session on the use of YouTube and video as a means of delivering information about your product or service.  The classic ‘Will it Blend?’ video is used as an example of cheap but highly effective promotion of a product or service.  But there is also a lot of fairly average video content on YouTube from companies that could even damage the reputation of the company.  The question is raised, when is video useful, and how do you deliver video cheaply and creatively in a manner which is addressing the needs of a consumer base.  

Responses vary from those collected in the audience, but there is a general belief that video can be useful in communicating a brand.  I recommended the actions of Hue and Cry in developing a video content channel for members as a means of bringing the brand closer to their fan base.  

The question is raised from the floor is about competitive advantage being based on speed-to-market.  People keep saying ‘content is king’ in this room.  Not sure if I agree.  Content is only a context for communication.  In and of itself it’s nothing; it’s only if that video produces a call for action – at least this is true of commercial marketplaces.  Someone says that consistency of image is also really important.  

A point is raised that a good narrative and specifically a personal story is more likely to generate traffic and interest than factual or ‘cool’ content.  But can we make such generalisations?  Perhaps this might be true of some bright personalities but may not be always true.  It’s still true that quality video, or at least well planned and executed content (even if it’s Lego versions of scenes from Star Wars or Eddie Izzard stand-up routines) is going to have greater cache than a personal story for some subject matters.

What it comes down to is why you are creating video and what expectations you have for the content once it is out there.  Video content won’t necessarily drive traffic to your site or even convert to sales, but it might be a good thing for your organisation to educate your markets on your products/services.  

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