Media Camp London

At Media Camp London today with the social media mafia, and I am taking notes throughout the day as my wireless feed and twitter seemed to be a bit crap.  So here are my general thoughts on various sessions.

There was a session in the morning on the nature of work.  An amusing point was raised when Steve Lamb from Microsoft related an interesting incident where we had to answer the question, ‘Are you at work?’, and he was at a social media cafe session. He ended up answering ‘I don’t know’.  It’s funny, I have always considered events such as these – including networking gigs, conferences and festivals – as ‘work’.  It’s certainly very interesting work, and really rather enjoyable work, but it is work. Without it I wouldn’t be able to engage with the ideas that both enhance and threaten my business.  Competitive advantage is not sustained by cooping yourself up in the office and not learning anything.   

Lamb argued that there’s no point in blogging if you’ve been told to blog.  I have to disagree.  There are people who need to be told to blog.  Particularly bosses.  I’m not sure this is entirely disagreeing as Lamb also argues that if you want to say something then you should blog.  But bosses who have something to say but don’t know that they should blog or indeed what language and processes are appropriate for the activity. 

Other speakers spoke about the need for social tools as a means of information mining, but dealing with the issues associated with businesses blocking access to social networking tools.  Personally I think this is effectively irrelevant, as with the explosion in mobile technologies, you simply can’t block these technologies.  Twitter is a classic case in point: try and block Twitter on a BlackBerry! 

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