Melbourne hello and links

Hi to everyone from Melbourne! It’s warm and dry here, so I’m remarkably comfortable, even if the place could do with some rain.

Whilst here I’m going to have to do my digging and bookmarking via this blog so I’m afraid the following links may only be of interest to the truly dedicated Web2.0ers, but feel free to enjoy!

* Track your comments. Tired of trying to remember what blog comments you have posted and where? Missing some pearls of wisdom along the way? Try co.mments as a means of keeping track of your conversations in the world of CGC (Consumer Generated Content).
* See through CEO. Wired Magazine have a great story on blogging CEOs and the impact this is having on the way business is developing. A gem from the article: “But if you’ve got hundreds or thousands of sites linking to you and commenting on you, the law of averages takes over, and odds are the opinion will be accurate: The cranks will be outweighed by cooler heads. Again, the Net rewards the transparent.”
* eMarketer is now saying the mobile TV and video market will be worth US$12.7 billion by 2011.
* And the issue of blog promotion just generated a tool for blog promotion – bloggst

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