Merry Christmas

My very best wishes for a very happy, healthy and peaceful Christmas to all my readers. This is a special time for families and for celebrating what makes us great: the capacity to give and to love.

Please take the time this Christmas to think about the many privileges we have in our lives, take time out to just look around yourself and be happy with what you have achieved, what you have built and what you can do for people around you.

For those of you who have lost someone this year in one way or another, please remember what they wanted for you at this time of year in Christmases past, and respect that now through observance of what they’d have wanted. And for those who have families and loved ones far away (as I do this year, though I will be joining them all soon) remember them in the little touches on Christmas day – a recipe, a ritual, a smile – and contact them all in whatever way you can to let them know you care.

But most importantly to you all, be safe, be happy and be healthy. There’s no better Christmas gift.
Merry Christmas everyone. xoxoxoxo

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