Move in progress…

It’s all becoming very serious with my little flat full of boxes for shipping to the UK. I am enjoying the fact that Australia Post charge approximately A$380 for one x 20kg box (the BW size – about a foot long and just under a foot high) and it takes 2-3 weeks to get there, where it costs A$480 to send *six* cartons (about a foot long and about 2 feet high) and it takes a maximum of 12 weeks to get there. Not surprisingly, I think I can do without my things for 12 weeks. Besides anything else, it means I will not have to cart them around once they’ve arrived in the UK, because they’ll be delivered to my permanent address in London and not my temporary address.

So unless you want something to arrive before Christmas, anyone wanting to send bulk goods overseas, I recommend my providers, LuggageLine for your shipping!

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