Mum’s visit

Mum & me at DorchesterI’ve been a bit quiet on my blog lately as I’ve been focussing on my Mum’s visit to London and our shared time together. It was a beautiful visit and I loved taking my Mum around to all the places we visited. From Brighton to Cambridge and from Windsor to Buckingham Palace, we did a lot of touristy things I would not otherwise have been able to do. The pic you see here is of us at the Dorchester Hotel having their glorious afternoon tea – a fabulous day, although we both seemed to be hyped up on caffeine for the rest of the day and night!

Mum, thank you for your generosity and for putting up with your fiercely independent daughter. Was lovely to have you here and I can’t wait to see you again for my birthday celebrations 🙂 Love you lots Mum!

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