Murdoch, Dow Jones and hacking iPhone and Live Earth

This is a bit of a mixed bag but the US$5 billion bid that Murdoch and his News Corporation have made for the publishers of the Wall Street Journal, has succeeded, giving Murdoch substantive reporting credibility with global business news publication.

While Murdoch’s star continues to rise, Apple’s strangle hold on cool gadgets is being ripped apart, with the proprietory interface for the iPhone hacked and the full shell laid open for all to see.

And of course today is the day of Live Earth, the concert to raise awareness of global climate change issues. While some of the performers have questioned their role as ambassadors of environmentally sound life practices, I still believe the spirit of keeping climate change on the world socio-political agenda is a useful exercise. Nevertheless it seems that the front page of the Live Earth site has been hacked. Right now the standard address takes you to the VMware Virtual Centre 2 page.

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