My Next Adventure

Well this has been a VERY long time coming, but I am finally ready to divulge the news that I am shortly to leave Australia to go and work in the UK for a couple of years.

I depart on 11 December from Brisbane, leaving behind some of the most fabulous friends, clients and experiences of my life. I have been very happy here in beautiful Brisbane and I plan to return here some years hence. But for now I am keen to pursue new challenges in marketing and IT consultancies on the other side of the globe, and to foster new projects that will see benefits for the community and hopefully Australia in the longer term.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been part of my life here in Brisbane, and to wish you all my very best for the future. Of course I will stay in touch, and I will return, but you have all in your own way assisted in delivering some of the happiest memories of my life. And I’m deeply grateful to you all.

I’ll be having a mass farewell party in Brisbane somewhere in town on Saturday 8th December. I haven’t worked out how it’s going to work yet but I plan to do absolutely no preparation as I am madly trying to get things done before I leave. I suspect I will just pick a location and hang there for a few hours on the day, and those who are free to come and say goodbye are welcome to drop by for a drink and a toast to all the great times we’ve had. It will probably be 3pm – 7 or 8ish, as I will need to spend the morning transferring much of my remaining short-term stored goods to long term storage or to cartons for shipping to the motherland. But after that it will be all about the partying.

So THANK YOU BRISBANE for six wonderful years. And thank you all for being my companions on this, my next adventure.

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