I just caught up with the film, Finding Neverland, on DVD. Am I the only person on the planet to have seen the film knowing the horrendous story of the Llewellyn-Davies family? Am I the only one who was aware of the impact the stories of J M Barrie among others, including Kenneth Graham and Lewis Carroll, on the children who were in their care, and been repulsed, rather than awed by the experience?

Dear God, this was a period of exploitation, provocativeness and almost unbelieveable blindness to the horrific social illnesses that clearly afflicted some of these authors. Without suggesting that these men were paedophiles – there is no proof of this – there is clearly proof of the psychological damage caused to the children who were attached to these perverse men.

I’m more traumatised than awestruck by this film. If ever there was a more chilling tale of grooming for paedophilia, I haven’t found one.

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